Sunday, February 6, 2011


When did all meals have to be accompanied by every condiment in the fridge?  I don't remember meals when I was a child involving condiments unless we were having hamburgers or hot dogs.  Then it was usually ketchup.  But my children want condiments with everything.  It seems that for every meal, someone wants ranch, honey mustard, barbecue sauce, thousand island dressing, blue cheese dressing, spicy mustard, salsa, sweet and sour, tartar sauce, hot sauce.  Sometimes ketchup which has become blase.

I think it comes from three events:  the advent of chicken nuggets;  places that serve wings with their pizza including an array of  condiment choices; and school lunches where a wide variety of condiments are always available .  My kids think you have to dip your pizza in something especially ranch dressing or some kind of buttery garlic sauce.

I think I am too controlling in this area.  For chicken nuggets, the sky's the limit.  But for everything else, I think it's unnecessary and uncouth to dip everything in a sauce.  Tartar sauce is for fried seafood only, doggone it!  I guess I'm a food snob.  But I just find it irritating.

I wonder if this is just my house or if condiments are overrepresented at other houses.  Is it possible for a household to survive without ranch dressing in the house?


Denise said...

You are so right! We don't buy a lot of salad dressings, but I'm sure they would use them if they were there (and not on salads, either!). Ketchup goes on everything, and barbecue sauce, honey mustard, and hot sauce aren't far behind. I just don't understand putting ketchup on eggs and mac & cheese! I think they get that from their friends. My youngest tried to put ketchup on strawberries today!

Kathy said...

We use A LOT of ranch dressing. I could probably buy it in gallon jugs. lol Hot sauce is also pretty popular in my house. When my son was little he would sneak and drink ketchup right out of the bottle. Ewww.