Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Puff..and Other Stuff

Good Things:

  • We finally saw the last Harry Potter film.  Good time for all.
  • Eating at Chipotle Grill
  • Setting up therapy appointments for the kids
  • Annoying some of the kids in the car by playing one of  my youngest sons' favorites Peter, Paul and Mary so he could "sing along" (If I Had a

 Challenging Things :
  • Having to watch the boys vigilantly all the time and they still get in trouble
  • Looking for my boys who think they can just "disappear" in the neighborhoods despite our rules for where you can go and how you get permission
  • Arguing/babbling/hyperactivity/lying/immature boys ALL day
  • One son rebelling against every day stuff, wearing a seatbelt, picking up a sister from band camp
  • One of the sons breaking something valuable in the garage (don't know which son)
  • Leaving for half an hour to pick up ADHD prescription (with 16 year old daughter and boys home) and coming home to a mess and reports of threats of bodily harm with instruments
  • Kitten climbing into my shower that is being constructed and falling into the ceiling below with a thump (yes, the infamous kitchen ceiling) and thinking she might be badly hurt! Thank goodness I put a wood board there and she managed to make her way back up and is fine
  • Committing frogicide when I took out the recycling and stepped on a frog. 
  • Having few options for a break since son got suspended from Boys and Girls Club on the 2nd day
  • Pondering that school doesn't start until late August..and that one of my sons is suspended the first week, so it's no clean, fresh start
Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called....

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