Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life now

It has been so long since I have posted..and it's only because I know no one reads my blog.  So, I put my efforts elsewhere.  Yet, I check the blogs I am following through this one DAILY.

In the past year:  More tough stuff.  Sean stealing from me including bank cards, cash from my wallet,  bank account numbers...and the usual lesser stuff.  But now stealing from others including a store for the first time.  The other kids with their own issues.

A year of health issues for me...going in for regular stuff and being investigated for serious disease.   Blood in urine leads to yucky tests which leads to CT Scan which leads to ultrasound which leads to ugly growth on ovary possible ovarian cancer.  Surgery to remove ovary and fallopian tube and "mass".   NOT cancer.

Then my mom  is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.  Seems to be okay now... I am her research person.,..radiation pending.

My dad is taking me to Ireland the first week of July and arrangements for my kids have been made and changed based on family circumstances (military deployment etc)... Now that has become a big stresser as I think some of them may be more than my family can handle....

Day to day life is son has been suspended next week.

Life does not seem very meaningful right now and I must bring back some sense of finding meaning.

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Psycho Mom said...

i have been wondering how u were doing. glad u dont have cancer. sorry your mom does. have a fun trip. u are doing good work. The stealing sucks, but probably won't stop