Sunday, December 5, 2010

Twenty Things that Make me Smile

Since I have been in a really bad spot in my life lately, I thought I would try to focus on good today!

Little Things that Make Me Smile:

  • When Ms. Diva gets a certain happy look on her face and says, "Mommy" and then shares part of her life with me.
  • That all my kids call me "Mommy."
  • Watching Ms. Tween focus when she's getting ready to dive into the pool.
  • Listening to my kids tell "Yo Mama" jokes in the back seat.
  • When Little E sings a song he's learned in Chorus while I'm driving.
  • When Sean begs to go to the library to check out books.
  • When people tell me what good manners my children have.
  • Watching Ms. Diva perform with her school marching band at football games.
  • Listening to Little E play in the bathtub.
  • Last night when Sean said, "Mom, I've noticed when I'm cooperative, you seem a lot happier."
  • Watching my cats sleep.
  • When my dad said my children are "wonderful."
  • When  Little E asked me " What did the grape say to the elephant ?"    I gave up and he responded: "Nothing...grapes can't talk!"
  • Talking about the Harry Potter books with my sons.
  • Knowing  that all my children will try ANY new food.
  • How nonjudgmental and kindhearted my kids are to people with any kind of "difference"
  • That all 4 of my kids are thrilled with a trip to the Thrift Store
  • Listening to my children read to me.
  • That my 3 youngest kids would rather read and play Scrabble than just about anything else.
  • That my oldest child would rather do ANYTHING than read books and play Scrabble ; )

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