Sunday, October 17, 2010

A "Trip" to Delaware

As usual, my kids were charming, sweet and fun with their grandparents who we see once or twice a year.  We had a great dinner in Delaware.  It is so cool to see my father be a grandpa spoiling his grandkids as his own kids didn't know the meaning of the word "spoiled." 

Their beverage with their meals was root beer floats!!  Then they had ribs, steaks, seafood, etc followed by fancy desserts.  My meal was delicious, but I felt compelled to monitor the kids constantly.  It's amazing how much less of a stickler my dad is for table manners now.  But he did manage to pass that along to me : )

My dad and stepmother both have high profile jobs that have them traveling more often than they're home.  It's exciting for my kids to see their lifestyle and feel that they are part of a larger family.  It is especially important since our nearest relative geographically is 1700 miles away.

It's flattering to hear what a wonderful job I'm doing with my children, but I know that the truth behind closed doors is much more complicated.  Yet, it's nice to have a brief break from the day to day stress.

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Denise said...

I'm glad you went out and had a nice dinner. My kids are always angels around others, especially the grandparents. Recently, my mother-in-law stayed here for a few days while my husband was away, and she finally saw some of the behavior. Not the worst of it, mind you, but at least she witnessed a little of it.